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ComplyADA Services

Website Testing & Reports:

We use both software scanning and manual testing techniques to determine and problems that your website pages may have with compliance to the latest WAI-ARIA Standards and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) developed through the W3C process in cooperation with individuals and organizations around the world, with a goal of providing a single shared standard for web content accessibility that meets the needs of individuals, organizations, and governments internationally for ADA compliance. Our dual approach is the most thorough way to test for problems that may limit accessibility for users that rely on technology to read and navigate your website. We then produce a detailed report of where your website fails compliance with our recommendations for correcting the errors that we find.

Website Repair and Compliance Services:

We also offer services for a reasonable fee to bring your website into compliance upon request if you do not have a developer to correct your website issues through our Partner Services.

Website Design & Development:

We design and develop websites upon request that are fully ADA compliant and offer ongoing maintenance contracts to keep your site up to date and compliant. Contact our affiliate company SCR Consulting for details and request a quote for your project here. SCR Consulting also offers these services, Graphic Design & Logos and IT Technology Consulting Services.

Onsite ADA Surveys:

We offer expert consulting and onsite building accessibility evaluations to determine if your business or venue meets the guidelines for the current standards for the ADA. We offer recommendations and through our network of partner services we can direct you to contractors and other services to help you make changes that will bring you into compliance and allow your clients, customers and employees great independence when visiting or working at your facility.

Training and Education on ADA:

We can provide workshops and onsite training events to help you with understanding and creating a business or workplace environment that can assist in providing services, accessibility and sensitivity training to persons with disabilities. We have Partner Resources from EmpowerTN, ADA Coordinator Certified Instructors, The Legal Tree Experts, and other experts in areas related to providing services and guidance to those who would like to learn more about the ADA and the community of disabled people. We have developed a half day training session and a full day of training curriculum on these topics to choose from...
a.) The Workplace and Disabilities
b.) Your Clients and Customers with Disabilities...What they need and expect.
 c.) How to Assist and Offer Help The Best Way
d.) Including Disabled Employees in Team Events
e.) Adaptive Equipment and Creative Ideas
f.) The Disability Experience and Sensitivity Training Day
g.) Navigating Legal Issues and the ADA Laws

Seminars on Overcoming Disabilities in the Workplace or Inspirational Speakers with Disabilities:

We also offer a speaker service for a fee for conferences and seminars. Our speakers are entertaining and informative on issues that show how to find and assimilate qualified employees that just happen to have a disability. Often this source of potential job candidates and excellent employees are overlooked and untapped in the job market. We endeavor to show your audience and attendees the contributions that a person with a disability can make to any team because of the unique perspective that the disability experience can bring to creative process. We try to show the humanity factor to foster a great understanding of the disabled community to increase inclusion and accessibility for all people regardless of ability or disability. We want to show that all people should be afforded opportunities to live a quality life of independent living. For more information contact Sarah Cait to discuss the possibilities of including one of our speakers at your events.