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About Us

ComplyADA is a local Nashville company that does testing, site surveys, education, training and consulting services for business, government, and not for profit organizations in the area of ADA, Americans With Disabilities Act, compliance and remediation.

We believe that the best and most accurate way to test websites or complete a site survey is a hands on approach. Our team uses both manual and physical testing by our team of qualified people by using technology and onsite reviews to produce recommendations to our clients with realistic and affordable solutions. We believe that training and education can help you not only comply with the ADA laws and regulations but open doors to greater benefits of reaching a large consumer and potential employee base for your organization.
Why not? Accessibility is a quality of life issue and no segment of our population should be ignored or marginalized!  The reasons ‘why’ go far beyond the Americans With Disabilities Act! The reasons are also economic and workforce related. So next time you think about the reasons why you should comply ask why not!

Who We Are…
We are a group of people that believe in equality and accessibility from all walks of life and levels of abilities and disabilities. We have people that work for and with us that have experience with the disabled community and accessibility. We believe in helping everybody achieve the most independent living situation that they can obtain. We have experts and advisors from the legal community, business community, technology community, and educational community.
What We Can Do!
What do you need? We can help guide you through the process of all areas of ADA Compliance. We can do website testing, physical site surveys, technology recommendations, training, education, speaking engagements for seminars, conferences, and conventions, legal advice, and private consulting services. Contact us today with your inquiry and a specialist team member will help you with your needs.